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Ingrown Toenail Care

If you’ve noticed pain in your feet, or more specifically, your toes, this might be a sign that you have an ingrown toenail. An ingrown toenail is a condition in which the nail grows into the side of the toes, which can cause pain and potentially could become infected. The nail can dig deeper and embed into your skin if left untreated. Corrective filing is a method of treating or managing ingrown nails, which involves filing your toenails straight and leaving a free edge. You can help treat your ingrown nails by getting regular pedicures, which is where Mobile Nail Tribe steps in. We provide ingrown toenail care to relieve the pain of ingrown nails. We can offer pedicures to eliminate ingrown nails or as preventative measures to keep ingrown nails from reappearing. Ingrown nails are an eyesore and a pain, and there’s no better way to get rid of them than with a relaxing spa treatment. We’ll give your feet and nails the care they need to look and feel great. With a visit to our foot spa, you can prevent infections or other serious complications. We’ll help you keep your nails in great shape! Make an appointment with us at our day spa in Kent, WA, or schedule an in-home visit today.

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