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Fashionable woman with perfect manicure

Hard Gel

When you need a manicure but don’t feel like going to the spa in person, Mobile Nail Tribe is here. We are dedicated to making your nails look fantastic while maintaining their health and integrity. We offer various nail services that will make you feel more glamorous than ever. Our hard gel nails are one of our most popular nail design services. Like regular polish, gel polish is applied with your color of choice and dried with a UV light to bring out the color’s ultimate shine. Gel nails will last longer, strengthen your nails, and leave your nails looking great for weeks. Hard gel is the toughest form of gel polish out there, and it creates a sturdier, longer-lasting interior that will protect your nails and remove the risk of early breaking or chipping. The technicians at our nail salon have years of experience doing all types of nails, so you can feel confident that we’ll take great care of you. We’ll give your nails a personalized, unique design that you’ll love. Whether you need a manicure for a special occasion or want to reward yourself, we’ll ensure that you are comfortable and calm throughout the entire experience to guarantee your happiness. To get gorgeous hard gel extensions, make an appointment today at our day spa or in your home in the Kent, WA, area.

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