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Diabetic Pedicures

At Mobile Nail Tribe, we specialize in diabetic pedicures. We understand that you have diabetes and have to be very careful when getting a pedicure due to the risks. Infection can raise your blood sugar levels, interfere with proper healing, and cause foot problems such as decreased circulation or nerve damage, leading to severe complications. Our foot spa takes great care to provide pedicures that are safe for people with diabetes while still giving you that relaxing spa experience. We use products specifically made for diabetics, and we do not use tools or techniques that break the skin.

Additionally, we incorporate hydrating products to combat dryness, and we take our time to ensure your safety and comfort. When you get a pedicure with us, you can expect us to massage, hydrate, and soften your feet with premium lotions and oils. From choosing your paint color to the final touches, our trained nail technicians will ensure you are completely satisfied throughout the entire process. You can trust that we will give you the best pedicure you’ve ever had, whether you’re in our luxurious spa or on your comfy couch. Pamper yourself with a pedicure and schedule your appointment with our beauty salon in Kent, WA, today.

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