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Relaxation is just a phone call away! At Mobile Nail Tribe, we are a small business specializing in the beauty and care of the nail, hands, and feet. We offer premier nail services such as classic manicures, spa pedicures, hard gel enhancements, and much more, all in the comfort of your own home. With years of professional nail technician experience, our staff is highly trained and skilled in all aspects of nail care, nail art, acrylics, and nail painting. We want to make you enjoy the process of getting your nails done and have a wonderful experience.



The health and care of your nails are our top priority, and you can count on us to provide you with the highest quality nail services to give you the pampering you deserve. We provide ingrown toenail care and diabetic pedicures for those who need special treatment for their feet. We also offer a unique detox foot bath to cleanse your feet and relieve foot pain. When you choose us for nail and foot care, you can expect us to give you a luxurious and relaxing experience for an affordable price.

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Foot Care

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Diabetic Pedicures

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Detox Foot Bath


Ingrown Toenail Care

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Hard Gel

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A session with us is more than just getting your nails done; it’s about the experience. We want to offer you space to disconnect from your busy life, hear your stories, talk nails, and have meaningful conversations while making your nails look and feel beautiful. We are currently located at 109 2nd Ave S on the second floor in Kent, WA. Please be careful on your way up, or if needed, we can always go to you. We offer our services both in our nail salon and in your home. Schedule your appointment with us today, and feel beautiful inside and out!


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They came to a pre- wedding get together for the bridesmaids at the maid of honor's house. Such a fun gathering!! Getting our nails done and gossiping and getting awesome pedicures and manicures.

Sandy A.

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